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All the pieces are in 925 Sterling Silver. Its color is not related to a change in material but to the treatment given, which can be gold plated in 18-carat Gold or Ruthenium plated. All the plating has a 3 microns layer above the Silver. All our pieces in Silver without any finishing have an anti-tarnish bath that protects them for around a year (of course it varies depending on the use and care)


According to Portuguese legislation, all parts have a two-year warranty.

The warranty does not cover the natural oxidation of the Silver or the elimination of the Gold plating,

as well as signs of use, the passage of time, or visible marks of misuse.


Must be requested through our repair form or email to indicating the name of the part, following which all instructions for repairing will be provided.


Being an Atelier of basically handmade characteristics, we reserve the right, in case of stock shortage, to change the foreseen deadline. In this case, we will immediately send you an email indicating a new deadline.

Payment Methods

We accept payments via Credit Card, MasterCard, American Express and Visa, and PayPal.

Certification and Authenticity

Bergue’s Jewelry Pieces are made in 925 Silver or 925 Silver with 18-carat Gold plating / or Ruthenium plating. In case of doubt about the authenticity of the pieces, the buyer can always resort to the services of Contrastarias to verify the authenticity of the material.

In addition to the online store, the pieces can be viewed and purchased at the brand's atelier

where the competent authorities can inspect them for this purpose.

Atelier Address:

Rua Rodrigues Faria,

103 Edificio J - Piso 0, 

Lisbon (Portugal)

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