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How to care for your Jewelry

All our pieces have an anti-tarnish bath to prevent them from normal oxidizing of the Silver to occur. Nonetheless, we recommend not leaving your pieces in the bathroom or somewhere with a lot of humidity otherwise they will get tarnished after some time.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

The best option is to wear your pieces! Sterling Silver tarnishes less when you use it!

  • Don’t leave it in the bathroom or somewhere with a lot of humidity

  • Keep the Pieces in a box for a better protection

  • Try to clean the Pieces from time to time with our cleaning cloth


It is a myth that you can’t shower, go to the pool or the sea with your pieces made in Sterling Silver. You CAN!

Gold Plated or
Ruthenium Plated Jewelry

  • Keep in mind that it is better if you take the rings off every time you wash your hands.

  • The bath will fade off eventually after some time, but don’t worry we can redo the bath!


All our pieces have a two-year warranty on any manufacturing defect that might occur.

If your Bergue Jewelry Pieces break or the plating is fading off send an E-Mail to and we will be sure to help you the best way we can.

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