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Custom Jewelry Creation: A personalized experience for our clients

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

We offer our clients custom-made jewelry, crafted according to their preferences and needs. In this article, discover the steps of our process, focused on personalization and attention to detail. Learn how we collaborate with our clients to transform their ideas into unique pieces.

Step 1: Consultation with the Client

A personalized meeting to understand the client's desires and expectations. We listen carefully, discuss styles, metals, and precious gemstones. Clear communication ensures a shared vision of the custom jewelry.

Step 2: Client's Sketches

We value the client's sketches and ideas. We examine them closely and collaborate to refine and adapt the designs. A detailed sketch is created, faithfully reflecting the client's wishes.

Step 3: Budget and Timeline

We discuss the budget and timeline in agreement with the client. We provide a transparent estimate, taking into account the preferences and selected materials.

Construction plan for a ring

Step 4: Prototype Modeling

Depending on the request, we create various models, including 3D modeling, drawings, sketches, or wax and silver prototypes of the custom jewelry.

Step 5: Manufacturing

We craft the custom jewelry using traditional artisanal techniques. Metal shaping, stone setting, and meticulous finishing are employed to create the final piece.

The creation of custom jewelry is a unique experience that allows our clients to possess pieces reflecting their style and preferences. Our collaborative process ensures custom jewelry that exceeds expectations. Contact us today to begin creating your own bespoke jewelry.


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