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  • Can I also make a Permanent Necklace, a Permanent ring, or a Permanent Anklet?
    Yes, all of these pieces are available.
  • Won’t it tarnish?
    No, it will not tarnish as all of our chains are made with Yellow 18ct Gold to make them last forever
  • Can it be taken off and how?
    Even if we love the fact to have a permanent piece with us, jewelry that is permanent can be a little scary. But don’t worry it can be easily removed again–with a pair of sharp scissors, the bracelet can be taken off and can be repurposed for another piece. Nonetheless if you ever need to take it off, we recommend to come to us, to make sure no pieces are lost in the process.
  • What is a Permanent Bracelet and how does it work?
    A Permanent Bracelet is a dainty everyday custom bracelet that is micro-welded to your wrist to give you a totally seamless bracelet. That means you can't take it off because it has no clasp. If you're looking for a way to join your friendship, love, or affection with someone forever, get a permanent bracelet made. A Jewel made for eternity.
  • Is there an age restriction for making a permanent bracelet?
    Yes! The minimum age is 10, and anyone under 16 needs to be accompanied by an adult.
  • Where can I do the permanent Bracelet?
    The permanent bracelet are only made in our Store in Chiado. Here is the exact location: BERGUE Jewelry Chiado R. Paiva de Andrada 3, 1200-026 Lisboa
  • How much does the Permanent Bracelet cost?
    The chain costs between 9€ to 16€ per cm. The wrist size varies from Person to Person, but usually female wrists measure between 16–17 cm and male wrists measure between 18–20cm. Therefore, the Permanent Bracelet in 18k Gold will cost you around 153€ up to 272€. For the precise price you can also measure your wrist size: Check our GUIDE SIZE on how to measure your wrist size correctly.
  • Does it hurt?
    No, it does not hurt. The bracelet is welded by a professional Jeweler and your skin is protected by a small piece of leather, so it’s a safe experience.
  • How do I book an appointment?
    Find the best time for you on our calendar or send an E-Mail to: with your preferred time.
  • What if I accidentally break it?
    No worries! We can always solder the bracelet again in our Store.
  • How long does the process to create a Tailored Jewelry Piece take?
    The process typically takes between 3-4 weeks, from the initial consultation to the final completion of the piece.
  • Do you provide an aftercare service?
    We prioritise the maintenance of your piece and provide warranty after your piece is complete. If you have a ring, we also offer resizing services to ensure the perfect fit over time.
  • Do I need to pay a deposit upfront?
    We normally ask, to pay half of the budget before starting and the other half once the piece is made and delivered to you.
  • How much does a Tailored Jewelry Piece cost?
    The cost of a Bespoke piece will vary depending on the materials used to create it and the kind of piece you want
  • Can I refund or exchange my Tailored Jewelry Piece if its not right?
    We do not accept refunds on any of our pieces. For the tailored pieces no exchange are available as it is custom made to your taste.
  • Do you offer in-person consultations with the maker?
    We do. The process of creating tailored Jewelry provides a great opportunity to meet our clients and listen to your stories. It is not only about making a piece but also about knowing and thoroughly understanding your wishes. Come to one of our stores to meet us: Lx Factory or Chiado
  • Can I use a family heirloom or my own gemstones in my design?
    Yes of course! You're welcome to share metals or gemstones with us and we can incorporate this into the design. Please specify which existing materials you'd like to use in the form.
  • Where your stores located?
    We are located in Lisbon - Portugal BERGUE Jewelry (LX Factory store) Our shop and workshop is located right under the 25 of April bridge in this old printing factory called LX Factory, please come and visit us and discover the wonders of this unique place as to offer. Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103 BERGUE Jewelry (Chiado store) Rua Paiva de Andrade, 3
  • Where is it made ?
    All our pieces are designed and made by us in our workshop in both of our stores. We design, make and repair all our pieces and we are really proud of our work. Come by if your curious to know how our jewelry is made!
  • What are your opening hours?
    Our shop in LX Factory is open everyday from 12h until 19h. Our shop in Chiado is open everyday from 10h until 19h. Please come and visit us and we'll be more than happy to explain our work!
  • Where do you ship to ?
    We ship everywhere ! The shipping cost for: - Portugal & Islands is 7€ - Europe is 12€ - Rest of the world 18€ Fast shipping is only available in Europe at the moment
  • How long does an order take to arrive to me?
    It depends where you are located. For Portugal it takes up to 48h business days. For Europe it takes up to 7 business days. For the rest of the world it will vary between 10 - to 20 business days to arrive to you. The post office doesn't work on the week-end and the bank holidays
  • Does my order arrives to pick up point or to my place?
    Normally your order will arrive to your house. But if you weren't at home when the post office came, they might live it to the nearest pick up point.
  • What material do you use?
    All our pieces are made in Sterling Silver - or Silver 925 in our workshop. Then you can have different finishing on the silver piece: - Gold plated bath - Ruthenium plated bath (black effect) But remember underneath it's always Sterling Silver We are also goldsmith so if you want a piece in Solid Gold is also possible 🌸
  • What does it means gold / Ruthenium plated?
    When we talk about a plating or a bath it means the piece as a thin layer of 3microns of Gold or Ruthenium above the Silver. The plating will fade of after a while since it's only a thin layer and not the full piece with that material. But don't worry we can redo the plating on your pieces if you want 💛
  • The ring I received is too big / small can I exchange it?
    Yes of course! We prefer to use our piece than to leave it in a drawers somewhere. You can exchange your piece if it's unused and in it's original box. You have 30 days after receiving your order to get an exchange. Before sending your piece back to us, please send us an email to
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